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Your Own Business !

Summary of How You Really Operate Your Own Salon

We provide access to the salon 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

There are 20 Individual Private Studios along with shared common areas.

All utilities are included within your lease.

Other amenities included are:

  • * Laundry room with two washers and dryers
  • * Kitchen/Break area
  • * Wireless internet access
  • * Shampoo station, styling station, mirror, and chairs
  • * Self Locking Entrance/Exit with Passcard
  • * Credit Card Machine
  • * Private phone extension with voice mail
  • * Units starting at 132 sq ft

WOW! All this!

We take it another step farther.

We offer Professional Courtesy Services (PCS) at no additional cost to you.

They are, but not limited to:

  • * Experience Salon Studio Stationary: (Note cards/pads, etc.)
  • * Greater Web Site Presence
  • * Individual Web Page section on our website
  • * Individual page within a Salon Directory
  • * Templates for mailing available to help you with informing your existing clients of your move.
  • * Innovative ways to promote you as an individual stylist.
  • * Insure you have access to the best resources available.

At Experience Salon Studios, you pay no up-front costs and our studios are equipped and furnished ready for you to begin immediately.

Why rent just a booth with hardly any privacy when you can have privacy and freedom without all the upfront costs of a business start-up. Contact us for leasing opportunities.

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