Tawnya Stanfield

Tanwya is a welcomed addition to Experience Salon Studios.

She specializes in styles with “Artistic Vision” and has over 10 years of experience.

She has employed techniques that incorporate her impeccable attention to detail while enjoying working with her clients to create new styles.

Tanwya is considered the “Master of her Craft” and is revered by her clients.

She continually sharpens her skills by intensive training as it becomes available and is not afraid of a challenge.

Tanwya goes out of her way to meet the needs and expectations of her clients insuring her clients are more than satisfied.

Give Tawnya Stanfield a call today for a professional consultation or appointment today.

You can email Tawnya@styleswithanattitude.com or visit her personal webpage at http://styleswithanattitude.com/

(919) 453-1020 ext 136

Studio 118